Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ms. Joe Clark

Conservative Deep Throat and Blogging Tory Boss Stephen Taylor claims that if a woman keeps her maiden name she is not an "ordinary" Canadian nor can she appeal to "ordinary" Canadians. He attacks Stephane Dion's wife; Janine Krieber for keeping her maiden name. And he slyly calls her Mrs.instead of Ms.

Mrs. Krieber is, to her credit, quite accomplished with complex sociological and academic views on terrorism and how it is driven by ideological radicals. However, with respect to "ordinary" Canadians, voters may find it more difficult to see themselves in the Dion-Kriebers than in the Harpers. Perhaps the last names of the two women are indicative as well to mainstream Canadian appeal. Mrs. Harper used to be Laureen Teskey before she famously stated "call me Mrs. Harper" after moving into 24 Sussex. However, Mrs. (Ms.?) Krieber remains Mrs. Krieber. Does the maiden name play with ordinary Canadians? The Harpers are banking that it doesn't.

Of course he conveniently overlooks the fact of the ordinary Canadian family of former Minority Conservative PM Joe Clark. Where the Joe's spouse Maureen McTeer kept her own maiden name, and she called her self Ms.

In the 1988 federal election, McTeer ran as a Progressive Conservative candidate in Ottawa—OrlĂ©ans, hoping to get elected alongside her husband. Despite the party's re-election victory, McTeer was not elected in her riding. As of 2006, however, she remains the only spouse of a former Canadian Prime Minister to have run for political office herself.
I guess thats the difference between 'Progressive' Conservatives and Reform/Alliance/Conservatives.

Of course one has to ask how 'ordinary' the Harpers are when Mrs. Harper has the flamboyant John Baird as her boy toy.

"I love John," Mrs. Harper said ."He is a great guy, he is fun to be around, he looks good in a tux and he is a great date. "

This political menage a trois is far from being 'mainstream'.

Stephen Taylor is attacking Janine Kieber with the straw man of her being a radical feminist for keeping her maiden name and of course for her being an academic like her husband. Ivory tower types versus the Taylor family. Again forgetting that Maureen McTeer had an academic career separate from her husband.

Well it just so happens that Taylor like most of his right wing ilk is a revisionist. You see Mrs. Harper has only been Mrs. Harper for the last 17 months. Before she became Mrs. PM she was Laureen Teskey.

There was considerable confusion in the Canadian media about which surname she uses — at different times, media references to her have called her Teskey, Harper or Teskey Harper (not hyphenated). On January 26, 2006, she advised Canadian Press that she wishes to be known as Laureen Harper in her public role as a spouse of the Prime Minister.

Maureen McTeer, the wife of former Prime Minister Joe Clark, also found some controversy in 1979 when she became the first wife of a Prime Minister to use her own surname rather than her husband's.

Other blogger comments on Taylors fantasy first family can be found here.

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1 comment:

Ken Chapman said...

Great post Eugene. Do the Cons want to alienate most women under 60 now that they are finished with distancing themselves from Nfld-Lab and NS and Sask?

How small minded and backward are these GUYS?