Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hey Ed Your Domain Is Available

As a follow up on my previous post about Premier Ed Stelmach (c) (r) (tm) threatening daveberta with legal action over the fact he now owns here are some more Ed Stelmach domains, owned by others or open for purchase.

As a public service for our internet challenged premier and his lawyers I provide this list so he can spend taxpayers dollars purchasing up the domains or conversely spend taxpayers dollars suing the owners. says these sites are available; is a website for performing whois lookups on domain names ...

Available Domains:,,,
Apparently is still available. Oops sorry I guess that domain expired in October of 2006.

No wait says it's taken, sorry.

Domain Name:

TLD Availability*

Taken Domains

Registry Whois Domain Name:

Expiration Date: 2008-11-24
Creation Date: 2006-11-24
Last Update Date: 2007-11-28 is a commercial site based in Nassau.

Kings Court, Bay Street
P.O. Box N-3944


IP Address:
Website Status: active
Server Type: Apache
Cache Date: 2008-01-08 20:30:21 MST

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While according to Ed and his party own the following web sites.

No BBW Dating ads were found at those locations.

However they are adminstered by the lawyer who is threatening to sue daveberta and demanding he give the party a cut of his google ad income!!!

Tyler Shandro, a lawyer from the Calgary-based law firm Walsh Wilkins Creighton LLP, representing Alberta Premier Edward Stelmach,” blogs Cournoyer, going on he heard from Shandro, “regarding my ownership of the domain name, which I purchased for approximately $14.00 on April 4, 2007 (four months after Mr. Stelmach became Premier of Alberta).”

Cournoyer had Google NonSense ads on and according to Walsh Wilkins Creighton LLP, Alberta premier Stelmach wants a cut of the proceeds.

Administrative Contact:
Stelmach, Ed
c/o 340, 999 - 8th St. SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1J5


Registrant Contact Information:
Name: Ed Stelmach
Organization: PCAA
Address 1: c/o 340, 999 - 8th St. SW
City: Calgary
State: AB
Zip: T2R1J5
Country: CA
Phone: +1.4032445828

Here is the full list according to of edstelmach domains that he and Tyler Shandro can still purchase.

Domain Availability

Domain Name Price Per Year Private Whois Availability $5.99* Free Free Taken $13.99* Free Free Available $5.99* Free Free Taken $5.99* Free Free Taken $2.99 Free Free Taken $2.99* Free Free Available $7.99* Unavailable Free Available $7.99 Free Free Available $35 Free Free Available $25 Free Free Available $35 Free Free Available $2.99 Free Unavailable Available $12.99 Free Free Available $89 Free Free Available $39 Free Free Available $39 Unavailable Free Taken $19 Unavailable Free Available $99 Unavailable Free Available $99 Unavailable Free Available $99 Unavailable Free Available $99 Unavailable Free Available $99 Unavailable Free Available $55 Free Free Available $99 Unavailable Free Available $40 Free Free Available $600 Free Free Available $876 Unavailable Free Available $160.95 Unavailable Free Available $7.99 Free Free Available

Oh dear it seems that is taken. But the good news is it might be for sale.

The bad news is that if I want information on Ed Stelmach here is what I find;

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But Ed and his lawyers have not pursued suing these sites.Or demanding a cut of their advertising revenue since that is all these sights are.

Hm could it be because daveberta's set up to link to the wikipedia article on Harry Strom. And that is far more devastating to Ed's personality than ads for "how to get a naughty date"?

Political persecution of a young political blogger associated with the Alberta Liberals. Say it ain't so.

What else could be the reason?

Perhaps because they are embarrassed. Fact is that Team Ed missed the most obvious domains after they bought .net and .org. Truly team PC are Tired Old Tories. Oh yes and it still took them eight months to discover leads to Harry Strom. Embarrassed they have only made the Premier look even more foolish by making legal threats against davealberta. Way to go guys.

For more fun take a look at the comments on this at the Globe and Mail.

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Cliff said...

I think its rather revealing that the America worshipers in the PCs never even thought of the Canadian specific .ca address.

Colin said...

Fair enough, but why does Cournoyer need to fall back on his (relative) youth in his defense? Would he have not bought the domain if he was older and wiser? Cournoyer and Stelmach are political enemies; the plea for sympathy because he is 24 is disingenuous.

eugene plawiuk said...

Colin it's because Ed should be smarter and wiser since he is older.

Glen said...

What's really funny is I went to and there were links there to "Big Beautiful Women".

Why isn't he suing the Nassau company who bought to try to make money off it? They're known website hijackers... He at least has a valid legal argument on that one...

with a .ca, you're allowed to purchase it, even if it's for criticism... as such, I don't personally believe Stelmach has a case.

He's NOT a meda-savvy premier, and although a few old-timers see him as defending what's his... I see him as a bully with no 21st century street-smarts.

eugene plawiuk said...

If you read my latest post on Tyler Shandro,Ed's lawyer and administrator of his web domains, the kid is under thirty and is web and media savvy so the Premier has even less of an excuse for this behavior.