Monday, May 01, 2006

Workers Control

When the bosses go bust the workers take over. And such has happened at a unionised pork processing plant in Saskatchewan. When the bosses shut down the factories, the workers need to take over and make them work.

Such is the current situation in Newfoundland with the closing of the FPI fish processing plants. There the communities, which are the plant workers, need to take over these plants and run them for themselves.
And the recent history of workers control in Quebec shows they can do it more profitably.

Of course it is only when the bosses give up and move out because the plants are not 'productive' that is not profitable due to lower wages and other cost reductions available abroad, that workers are offered the opportunity to run the plants themselves. In reality we run our plants, schools, hospitals, etc. all aspects of capitalism for ourselves already, the captialists, shareholders, and managers are parasites who live off our labour. We can libe without them they cannot live without us.

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