Friday, June 16, 2006

Lagrange 5

I came across an interesting space news blog :

Lagrange 5 Waypoint to the past, present, and future of space.

Why because I was googling around my previous article about Hawking and space colonization, as well as this one:Astronauts board space shuttle for practice launch

So I have to wonder why NASA and all the other space agencies fail to build in L5 rather than in suborbital space where their stupid space stations will inevitably decay in orbit and crash back to earth.

Oh what am I saying, of course it's the planned obscelence of capitalism.

Whereas if we used the Lagrange 5 we could have already been on our way to space colonization.

But of course space stations are not for space exploration, they are war stations in space for use by the Military Industrial Complex to continue its business as usual.

As anarchist sci-fi author Mack Reynolds exposed in his novels.

Libertarian Forum

 Mack Reynolds -- Lagrange Five (1979)
Reynolds was, for 25 years, an activist for the U.S. Socialist Labor Party.
His radical perspective on political issues is reflected throughout his
work. This book -- examining a quasi-utopia without sentimentalism -- is
only one suggestion. Also of huge interest are Tomorrow Might Be Different
(1960) and The Rival Rigelians (1960), which explicitly examine the relation
between capitalism and Stalinism.

Mack Reynolds (Dallas McCord Reynolds) (November 11, 1917 - January 30, 1983)
was an American science fiction writer.
Many of his stories were published in Galaxy Magazine and Worlds of If Magazine.
He was an active supporter of the Socialist Labor Party and consequently many
of his stories have a reformist theme, and almost all of his novels explore
economic issues to some degree. He was quite popular in the 1960s but most
of his work is out of print today.
The Volokh Conspiracy - Decentralization and Federalism in Science Fiction

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