Friday, November 24, 2006

Canada Forces Palestinans Into Poverty

One of the first acts of the Harper Government was to refuse to send economic support to the Palestinian Authority . They used the pretext that the democratically elected government which included Hamas was defined as having been taken over by a terrorist organization by their definition and thus not suitable for promised economic aid. The result of their actions along with similar boycotts by the United States, EU and Israel has created mass poverty in the region.

This is economic war on the Palestinian people. It benefits Israel in eliminating another of their regional economic competitors.

Canadians should be ashamed of our Government directly contributing to the economic poverty and oppression of the Palestians in the occupied territories, while the same Government praises Israel unconditionally. While lecturing China on human rights violations, the Harpocrites remain silent on the economic and military war the Israeli State is conducting against the Palestinians in Gaza.
The Harpocrites have failed to criticize the Isreali State for its continuing war against civilians in Gaza.They are as guilty as the Israeli State for the continuing plight of the people of Palestine.

When you have no hope, then you become hopeless, and the actions of hopelessness are self sacrifice. The result is suicide bombers.

UN Reports Unprecedented Decline in Palestinian Economy

The report from the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, known as UNRWA, says there has been a 64 percent increase in the number of Palestinians living in what the U.N. describes as deep poverty or on about $2 a day since 2005. According to the report more than one million Palestinians live in deep poverty.

The report also says there has been an overall household decline in income of more than $300 million in the past year, accelerating a trend which began in 2000 when the second Palestinian intifada began. About 30 percent of Palestinians are unemployed - a figure that has also more than doubled since 2000.

A U.S. economist who compiled the report for UNRWA, Salem Ajluni, says the rise in so-called deep poverty and a sharp drop in manufacturing, have been especially noticeable in the Gaza Strip.

"When you reduce household incomes from the public sector alone by about $330 million you are going to get an increase in deep poverty, there is a result there. It is always the case that there is a disproportionate impact on the Gazan economy," he said. "If the public sector takes a hit they get it magnified there. If there are movement restrictions it affects them more."

The U.N. report says the current economic crisis in the Palestinian territories has largely been induced by a cutoff of customs and tax revenue that Israel turns over to the Palestinian Authority, and a suspension of donor aid from the international community, especially from the United States and the European Union. The revenues were suspended months ago after the militant group Hamas took control of the Palestinian government and refused to modify its stance of not recognizing Israel, renouncing terrorism, or recognizing previous agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.




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Anonymous said...

Perhaps, instaed of spending millions of dollars on purchasing munitions, the PALs should invest in building their economy. Perhaps, instead of looting the greenhouses left by the Isreal's and gifted by American Jews, the PALs should have managed this valuable asset for jobs and food. Perhaps, instead of Shahid-woeship, the PALs should focus their accolades on those who can show them the way into the future through nation-building, as opposed to, martyrdom and the false-hope of their avowed intent to destroy Isreal and kill Jews. Perhaps, if they could ever address the practical matter of nation-building instead of fratricide amongst themselves, they would be in this predicament and YOU would be focused on the real issues of Sudan, Nigeria, and Rwanda where REAL genocide is transpirng. Perhaps, or perhaps not. Unfortunately, those on the Left reenforce the PALs false-reality and push them further to the abyss.


This is a typical blame the victim rant. Interesting that weapons are being supplied to Al-Fateh faction by the U.S. via Israel to promote interncine factional fighting. The fact of the matter is that bulldozing olive and orange groves is one of the main functions of the occupying army of Israel as it destroys the agricultural economy of the occupied territories in order to build its Berlin Wall.
It has mined and closed ports causing a mass reduction in exports from the region so important for the day to day livlihoods of the peoples in occupied Palestine.
I have posted on this economic war before clearly you have not bothered to read my posts.