Friday, November 24, 2006

Is Dinning In Trouble

This is an non-scientific poll from the Calgary Sun. On the eve of the big vote it does not portend well for Jim Dinning in his race to become the man who replaces Ralph. After all Calgary is his home town.

Do you believe Jim Dinning should be leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta?



Conservative Leadership Race

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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Dinning's trouble through all of this was that he's been busy making too many enemies and all the wrong friends.

My mother has been doing a lot of straw polling in rural Alberta on Dinning (just for fun, she hasn't even bought a membership), and the most common phrase heard is one that the newspapers haven't mentioned at all:

Everything Dinning has done since he's left office has been tainted by his fat TransAlta contract, and every donation the powercorp made and every boneheaded move they've done has resonated right back to Dinning.

It seems that the anti-Dinning movement has been constantly gaining steam, and the person who has to take the blame for that certainly must be Dinning himself. Where was his policy announcements? (Other than a rushed healthcare reference that did nothing but piss off leagues of Edmonton seniors) Did Dinning fight back? Argue his case? The newspapers have all run photos of him, but can anybody remember what his voice sounds like? I can hear Morton/Stelmach/Hancock/Oberg clearly in my head, but I'm at a loss to remember the last time I heard Dinning say anything.

And then people are wondering why these YouTube videos accusing him of not being able to speak up for Alberta's interests are so successful: he's not even speaking up for himself!


I agree with you if you check my linked stories I have always said that Dinning represented the old Lougheed Calgary establishment, and then some. I have written here about Dinning and Transalta manipulating the government over electrical deregulation to benefit their monopoly. Which is why I have refered to him as Alberta's CEO not Premier.