Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alberta Election In The Offing

Here is the slogan Alberta CEO Ed Stelmach and his Tired Old Tories will be using in the upcoming election he prepared us for in his Ed TV show last night; The Future Is Bright" and " Our Future is Secure"

The future of our province is indeed bright."

We will secure Alberta’s future.

We need new ideas — new attitudes — to secure Alberta’s future.

In the case of the last slogan there was nothing new in his speech last night, no new ideas, nor any new commitments. It was Forward To The Past. It was a pre-election announcement speech. And it didn't fail to disappoint.

Add these possible Election slogans;

we will get it done!

sound and practical environmental vision.

And this one; Strong communities built with strong families.

Strong communities are much more than roads and buildings.

They’re built with strong families.

Suddenly I am having a flashback to 1971 and Peter Lougheed.

Central to our future prosperity is a commitment to add value to our traditional strengths in energy, agriculture, forestry, tourism, and health sciences.

We must build on those strengths, and develop new areas of promise.

This will involve making choices — and even taking some risks.

But being timid and doing nothing is a far greater threat to our future.

The diversification of our economy will be driven by the creativity and innovation of Albertans.

While we all waited with baited breathe in anticipation of the much predicted announcement on Oil Royalties, it didn't come last night. Near the end of his forty minute snoozer that we got told that the government would take decisive action but we have to wait till later today to find out what it is says Mr. Ed. Big Oils Talking Horse.

As I’m sure you know, the review panel delivered their recommendations a few weeks ago. I made their report public as soon as we received it — so that it could receive the widest possible public debate.

And that’s certainly happened.

We’ve taken the time to give this important issue the serious thought Albertans would expect from their government.

And we’ve taken the time to get it right.

Now we’re ready to take decisive action.

Tomorrow we’ll be releasing details of a new royalty framework. One that delivers the fair share Albertans rightly expect from the development of their resources.

The Royalty report was released a month ago, giving the Big Oil Lobby lots of time to create a climate of fear. And Ed is trembling.
And what do you think he will announce. Well it won't be anything the Royalty Report recommends. As he told us in his wrap up. And of course he will be announcing his historic betrayl of the Volk of Alberta in Calgary with the Petro-Towers of Big Oil as his backdrop.

A province where government gets out of your way — and where you can keep the fruits of your hard work.

That’s my promise as your Premier.

So if you snoozed through his bland, milquetoast TV show last night you didn't miss anything. It was all platitudes and homilies spun by Farmer Ed. Paid for by you and I as it was broadcast on CTV. And it didn't get broadcast on radio.

Also passing strange it was not broadcast on the hour. It wasn't broadcast at 6pm or 6:30 pm but at 6:40. So if you were channel flipping looking for it well it was easy to miss, just like so much this Tired Old Government does. It came right after the weather report which reflects the farmer mentality of our Premier.

He is a lame duck Premier like his historic predecessor that other farmer Premier; Harry Strom. And his decision on Royalties will determine if he will repeat Harry's folly. So far he has been true to script.

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