Thursday, January 10, 2008

Craig Chandler Bids For Ed's Domain

In the comments section over at daveberta's blog discussing the threatened law suit over his ownership of, bad boy of the right Craig Chandler left this comment;

Craig B. Chandler said...

Again sell me the website.

I will pay your legal fees and I will simply post a message on the website that says:

Premier Stelmach I will gladly sell you this domain for $127,000.

Craig B. Chandler
Democratically Elected Alberta Progressive Conservative in Calgary Egmont

Wednesday, January 09, 2008 11:47:00 PM

Wow now that would put Ed and his lawyer Tyler Shandro out of the proverbial frying pan and into the fire. Delicious. I am tempted to say go for it. But of course Dave won't he is a principled guy.

But as this shows Ed and Tylers threats against Dave have resulted in a fire storm of criticism, and laughter across the blogs and the net. Dumb and Dumber would be appropriate nick names for these two.

Expert expects preem to lose domain lawsuit

He's one of Canada's foremost experts and he says Premier Ed Stelmach is probably going to lose, big time, partly because he's not well known.

No, he's not talking about Stelmach's prospects in an election; but Michael Geist does think Steady Eddie would be barking up the wrong blog if he takes on local writer David Cournoyer over the use of

Stelmach's lawyers recently sent a letter to Cournoyer, who blogs under the title Daveberta, threatening legal action if he doesn't give up the domain name, which Cournoyer purchased last year for $14.

But according to Geist, a prominent writer and Carleton University's Canada Research Chair on Internet and E-Commerce Law, Canada clearly defends critics who use the domain names of people they're criticizing - and Daveberta is definitely a critic of Stelmach's government.

I find it interesting that Shandro as the domain administrator for Ed's current web sites, works for a legal firm that specializes in slap suits, the same company making legal threats against Dave.

Can you say conflict of interest.

The real reason for the PC concern about Dave's web site was revealed in the media this morning.


Hey Ed Your Domain Is Available

My Name Is Ed

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