Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Canada and the U.S. mens hockey teams are out of the finals. Out of the Olympics. They choked. Both NHL teams. Choked. Canada was never there in the first place.

Don Cherry, Mr. Macho complained our womens Hockey Team were to aggressive, to dominating early in the games. The men well let's call em as Grapes would, whimps, limp from start to finish. If ever a team needed Viagra (tm) or Cialis (tm) it was Canada's Mens Hockey Team. I guess maybe now Grapes might have wished that the men had run the score up like the women had.

Don Cherry criticized the Canadian women's hockey team yesterday for running up the score against their weaker opponents at the Winter Olympics. He referred to Canada's 16-0 shellacking of host Italy to open the tournament, followed by a 12-0 victory over Russia on Sunday. Cherry said the women made a big mistake. "To run up a score like that, that is wrong," said Cherry during last night's Olympic broadcast on CBC. "It is not the Canadian way."

Nope should have been like the men and choked. I cry no tears for them. I cheered
our Womens victories today, gold and silver in speed skating, silver in speed skating relay, Gold in cross country. Thats the real story the Canadian women and their victories in the 2006 Winter Olympics.

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And the NHL hockey loss, sorry I mean the Canadian Mens Hockey Team it will be news for a day, but put it out of your mind, they never showed up to play, they were defeated from day one.

Our women's Hockey team came to play and dominated and on Sunday Canadian, Swedish and American Women Hockey Players beamed at their wins, tears of joy not tears of defeat. Even the Americans, who would normally scowl and frown beamed. It had been a hard fight and even bronze was a victory. They all came to play and play they did.

This Winter Olympics shows the power of Canadian Women in Sport. The men in the NHL who leave Turin could learn a lesson or two from them. So could Grapes and the other macho men who complained about our aggressive women hockey players. Canadian Sports has been dominated by men, this Olympics changed that hopefully forever.

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