Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Japan Moves into Canadian Beer Market

Like Japanese car manufacturers, Sapporo beer has figured out that if it can buy into the Canadian market it is the backdoor into the U.S.
Sleeman Breweries Ltd. sees new potential for its premium beer labels after a planned $400-million acquisition by Japan's Sapporo Breweries Ltd. On the international market, he said Sapporo is also looking to Sleeman's brands for expansion outside Canada. Sleeman's earnings have been hurt by stiff competition in Canada by makers of non-premium "buck-a-beer" brands.
This now means that the three biggest beer makers in Canada are foreign owned. Molsons/Coors (US) Labatts/Interbrew (Belgium) Sleemans/Sapporo (Japan). While demanding brand loyalty capitalists like Sleeman feel no need to reciprocate with loyalty to the country they operate in. Lets drink a toast to globalization.

New owner retaining all Sleeman operations and its CEO

Sleeman shares spurt to record high

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