Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not MacArthurs Republican Party

The Republican Party policy committee paper anticipating a North Korean test put it this way: "Essentially, the United States must demand that the PRC [People's Republic of China] make a choice: either help out or face the possibility of other nuclear neighbors." The implication was that Washington would tolerate or even encourage a Japan armed with nuclear weapons. Why Japan will never go nuclear

How quickly they forget....it was Republican candidate for President, General Douglas MacArthur who instituted the democratic constitution of Japan which included the clause that Japan would never be a nuclear power nor have a standing army which it could use against its enemies. He was a REAL conservative not an authoritarian neo-con warmonger like the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld gang.

Foremost of its provisions is that which, abolishing war as a sovereign right of the nation, forever renounces the threat or use of force as a means for settling disputes with any other nation and forbids in future the authorization of any army, navy, air force or other war potential or assumption of rights of belligerency by the state. By this undertaking and commitment Japan surrenders rights inherent in her own sovereignty and renders her future security and very survival subject to the good faith and justice of the peace loving peoples of the world. By it does a nation, recognizing the futility of war as an arbiter of international issues, chart a new course oriented to faith in the justice, tolerance and understanding of mankind.General MacArthur's announcement of a new Constitution for Japan

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