Monday, November 19, 2007

Chandler Wins Egmont Nomination

Well Craig Chandler sold enough memberships to his extreme right-whingnut pals to win the Calgary Egmont Conservative MLA nomination. You may remember Craig " Alberta; Love it or Leave It" Chandler from my previous posts. If not check them out.

There is a silver lining to his victory though. It opens Calgary Egmont to a possible Liberal victory. As Calgary Grit writes;

As a constituent in Calgary Egmont, I'm a little torn about this one. Having Craig Chandler as my MLA is a scary thought but, at the same time, it puts a riding that was never going to elect a Liberal MLA before into play. The Alberta Liberals have nominated former Catholic school board trustee Cathie Williams in the riding - quite the catch. Cathie is an accomplished woman who is smart, politically astute, passionate about policy, and not Craig Chandler. These four qualities of hers should make Calgary Egmont a riding to watch during the upcoming provincial election.
Or perhaps an NDP sneak up the middle.
Or maybe not.

And PB blogger Daveberta apparently live blogged Chandlers victorious nomination win.
live from the edmontonians for craig chandler party

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