Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chandler Time

For those of you in Calgary don't forget to mark your calendars. It's Chandler time.

September 12, 2007 - Calgary Egmont Constituency Association special Nomination Rules meeting

Of course he is not the only Conservative running for the nomination. Jonathan Davies is his opponent. And like Chandler, he was associated with Rob Anders. He was the Conservatives lawyer in the dust up between Anders and the riding association.

Knox v. Conservative Party of Canada (2006): Challenge to the Conservative Party nomination in the Calgary-West riding;

And along with Chandler he shares an endorsement by Paul Jackson.

"... one of the sharpest minds I've seen in the legal world."
Paul Jackson, Calgary Sun

Chandler's success in getting the Calgary Egmont nomination will determine if this web site gets launched.

The Alberta Legislature

oneRidingAtATime is Under Construction

But given who is running against him I wouldn't hold my breathe of seeing it. Unless he can prove this Tory insider, a scion of the back room boys is a Liberal too.

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Jonathan Davies
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Craig Chandler


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