Friday, December 23, 2005

Monte MIA

Well it was the night before the night before Christmas and all through the land the parties were happening and the Party's were packing it up for the holiday break.

So ya gotta ask yourself this late in the game why Monte Solberg's web site isn't listed on

Now talk about Western Alien-Nation, as Monte does in his blog, this takes the cake. His awesome web page doesn't even rank a link. Now thats alien-nation.

Strange that, since he apparently is a longstanding MP from waaay back during the Reform Party days.

And gee, he is one of the CPC's most popular and famous bloggers. Even Zerbia sez so.

And his web site has been up for a long time.

And he is the CPC Minister of Finance in Waiting. Hmm what gives?

Poor Monte bad enough he can't get any respect from me here and here or from the guy that nominated him for Rogets Thesaurus.

But to be abandoned by his party this late in the election game......that's a big Webmaster oops...Poor Monte doesn't even rate updating despite the recently updated cute Snowman seasons greetings in Flash on the Conservatives web page.

He just sits on their candidates page looking so forlorn, but you can email him.

Merry Christmas Mr. Solberg.


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