Sunday, March 19, 2006

Consultation Alberta Style

Ralph Klein promised consultation with the Volk of Alberta over his "discussion paper" on Third Way Health Care reform. When challenged by the Liberals to speak to Albertans at open forums they are sponsoring or in a televised debate, he balked and said the only discussion will be in the Legislature. Then he traveled to B.C. to discuss his ideas at a closed meeting where tickets sold for $100 per and $500 if you wanted to sit with Ralph.

The public is so worn down by years of Klein's threats on health reform, people hardly know where to turn. The democratic ethos is so eroded in this province with so few people prepared to contradict the premier, it's questionable whether a real debate is possible. An arrogant Klein said a few days ago he'll just make the legislature sit until he gets his way.Doctors' conditional support for Klein's third way a great letdown

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