Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Democracy is Ok Abroad

King Stephen the Harpocrite assured the puppet regime in Afghanistan that Canada is behind our Military Mission there, for now. Because he will NOT allow any debate on the issue. Of course when it comes to extending the deployment next year well that's another story.

So while the cheerleaders on the right and the PFW (Progressives for War) applaud our troops fighting for democracy in Afghanistan, at home it is being denied to us.

New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton said it would not look good for Canada's Prime Minister to deny MPs a vote on a military mission aimed at encouraging democracy. "We think it would be ironic that we're defending democracy in another country but not permitting a fundamental democratic process in our own," he said.

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BBS said...

Funny thing. Jack Layton thinks it's so important now that the troops are deployed and the Conservatives are in power. Where was he back in November when the issue was being debated in the House of Commons? Oh - that's right - he wasn't there. He was too busy propping up Paul Martin's Liberals.

eugene plawiuk said...

But what was the rush? And why the delay in opening parliament. To avoid debate. Last Novembers debate wasn't, it was statements in the house no debate and no vote. Debate requires voting. Then we will see where the Left, the NDP and BQ really stand.