Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Iranian View

Amidst the sturm and drang and the druming of war with a possible U.S. Nuclear attack on Iran the MSM and the blogs have missed the opportunity to give the Iranian view of their pride in joining the Nuclear club.

Yes pride. Mis-placed of course, but none the less pride just like the Americans have over being a nuclear power. Because with the advent of nuclear power, not the bomb perse, but the ability to produce their enriched uranium for nuclear power plants for 'domestic' use and thus the ability to produce the waste used for a bomb, the Iranian population are united in their view that this now makes them a Great Power.

In truth, the politicians who have overseen Iran’s nuclear file, whether under the presidency of Hashemi Rafsanjani or Mohammed Khatami, and to this day, under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are aware that the development of nuclear technology should not push Iran into crises that prohibit the country from using this technology for peaceful means.

As Iranians celebrated the announcement that their country had joined the nuclear club, conservative writers and journalists defended this incredible achievement but did not call for Iran’s exit from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT). Instead, they demanded the articles in NPT to be implemented.

The Editor-in-Chief of Kayhan, Hossein Shariatmadari, known for his extremist views on such topics, demanded the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohammed El Baradei, investigate whether the NPT treaty had been breached, before submitting his report to the UN Security Council or the IAEA.

Yet, the academic Davoud Hermidas Bavand saw that from this point onwards, the Iranians should manage the nuclear file with great care and attention. He added that El Baradei’s talks in the Iranian capital would provide an indication of the IAEA’s intentions that it accepts Iran’s uranium enrichment program given that it has not breached any international treaty or it rejects it. In this case, it would throw the ball in the UN Security Council’s court.

Compared to their neighbours in the Middle East, this puts Iran on par with Israel. Israel who has the bomb but is not a member of the NPT, nor is India, both American allies.
While Iran is a member of the Nuclear Club and subject to UN sanctions and IAEA observations.

The Bushehr nuclear reactor lies on the shores of the Gulf, and it is closer to Manama or Doha than to the Iranian capital which lies in the interior. This means Tehran is almost safe, much more so than the capitals of the Persian Gulf , in case a mishap or an attack. A nuclear Iran is not evidence the country has become a power in the industrial sense. Iran … “I cry out in the Gulf”

And while the U.S. and its allies threaten Iran over its joining their exclusive nuclear club, the point is that the Iranian people are united in their support for this. Which makes any attempt to mobilize the reformers to oppose the current regime a phantasmagoria.

In the world of geopolitics Iran becoming a Great Power, a global nuclear power places that country in an exclusive club. One whose membership is rather selective about who gets to join.

Missing in this one sided rant by the American Empire is the simple fact that all signatories to the NPT agree to eliminate nuclear weapons. The U.S., which along with Russia have the most nuclear weapons and WMD of other kinds, has refused to reduce its stockpile. In fact with the Bush policy of pre-emptive strikes, it is expanding its small scale nuclear capability with bunker bombs etc .

If sanity is to be regained then the world, the UN, countries like Canada need to demand that the U.S. and Russia along with all countries with nuclear weapons begin the mass destruction of these weapons for the safety and good of the planet.

That was and is the purpose of the NPT. And countries that do not belong to the NPT should be shunned until such time as they are forced to allow inspectors to check their weapons.

Canada has long been an advocate of Nuclear non proliferation, however under the Harpocrites it appears that the government in its hypocritical condemnation of Iran in support of the Bush regime seems to forget this.
Harper says Canada stands with allies against Iran

If Canada is to condemn anyone it should be Israel, not likely with Zionist sympathisers like Stockwell Day in cabinet, and India, as well as those countries not members of the Nuclear Club; the NPT.

Canada could be a voice of sanity and calm in this current attempt by the U.S. to drum up support for another idiotic pre-emptive assault on a Soveirgn country. The real question is why after the end of the Cold War we see an increasing proliferation of nuclear weapons not a decrease. We are now less safe than we were when a balance of MAD existed between the Soviet Union and the U.S.

Canada as a country with NO nuclear weapons has the political responsibility and obligation to pose an alternative to this MADness and call for an end to all WMD. Period. And it the Harpocrites won't do it in a minority government then it behooves the Opposition to unite around this and demand it.

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