Monday, May 29, 2006

Cloaking Device

Scientists have discovered how to create a cloaking device is warp drive far behind? And will the United Federation of Planets let us in?

Scientists shed new light on invisibility

- the scientists' cloaking device would use newly developed materials that can bend light in unexpected ways. Scientists not involved in the work said the plans appear feasible but that they would require more-advanced substances than currently exist. Still, scientists said that the work represents an important theoretical advance likely to inspire new ideas in the booming field of materials science.

``It is a fascinating concept," said Steven G. Johnson, an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in an e-mail. ``But I suspect that you're unlikely to find it for sale anytime soon (except on Daigon Alley)."

The research has obvious applications for the military, which is looking for ways to improve on the stealth technology used in the B-2 stealth bomber. But the technology could also be used to protect equipment by steering radiation around it and would likely have other uses in basic scientific research, according to the scientists, whose work was published online by the journal Science.

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