Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ignatieff Calls For Animal Sacrifice

Liberal Leadership Candidate Michael Ignatieff yesterday called for the "murder of the sacred cows" of the Liberal Party says Quebec newspaper Le Presse.

After getting in bed with the Conservatives over Afghanistan, now Ignatief is presenting himself as a Blue Liberal. So why doesn't he just join the Tories? Maybe he will after he loses the Liberal leadership race.

Here are the Sacred Cows that the Liberal version of Kurtz plans to sacrifice.

In the party until very recently directed by Paul Martin, "there are totems, there are sacred cows "and" they should be killed ", said M. Ignatieff, Monday, in front of a handful of militants - a dozen - come to have breakfast with him. He indicated some "sacred cows" which he would like to be sacrificed: financing of the system of health, tax imbalance, protocol of Kyoto and anti-Americanism, were his priorities.

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Devon Rowcliffe said...

Wow. Some shocking suggestions there, from supposedly a Liberal.

These ideas won't sell. Either his campaign team will sweep this under the carpet, or Kennedy will defeat him over such suggestions.

And to think - I had expected Ignatieff to win the Grit race!

eugene plawiuk said...

Actually Ignatieff is a classic Canadian Whig see my Whigs and Tories