Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gone Fishing

Ya gotta love the one party state that is Alberta.

King Ralph can first declare there will be no legislative sitting in the fall only to change his mind at the Calgary Stampede, cause like they have to pass some bills to help pay down deficits in healthcare and public education.

But wait can we hold that session early cause the King has to go fishing. No really. Only in Alberta does democracy take a back seat to fishing.

Heck he even canceled a trip outta the country, no not to participate in the Fall legislative sitting but to go fishing.

Oh and the kicker is that he gets to play hookey on the last day of this short five day session to....wait for it ....go fishing.

Legislative session conflicts with Klein's fishing trip

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1 comment:

The Continental Op said...

I'd be the last one to defend Ralph Klein. But, as an avid fly fisher, I can relate. Though Ralphie probably uses bait. Bastard!