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Truth or Bare

Once again we bring you news from the world of nature and naturism
Which for some strange reason makes my blog a very popular place to visit.

It's National Nude Week
July 8 through 14

They're just like anyone, nudists say, except they feel happier ...

Except in Australia

Council wants nudist beach cover-up

The solution may be to just Don't Ask Don't Tell.

A Federal Heights man sits in the nude on the north shore of Boulder Reservoir on Wednesday. Boulder ordinances say nothing about being in the buff at Boulder Reservoir, or any other city park, according to ranger Matt Claussen.

That's in public, in the world of privatized nudist clubs the competition is getting hot and heavy.

Nude resorts taking off the gloves in fight for customers

And even in China social prudes are making way for more progressive ideas.

Nude swimming area planned

Tourists to a scenic spot in Southwest China's Guizhou Province may have the opportunity to experience nature more intimately with the opening of a nude-only swimming area by the end of July, the Guizhou City News reported Monday.

The planned site is in a valley along the Fengzhuan River in Duyun, according to sources from a local travel resources development company.

Male and female swimmers will be separated, the Guizhou Metropolis News reported on Monday. Photography is banned and "neatly dressed" spectators are also considered persona non grata.

Though there is no law banning nude swimming or nude beaches in China, the practice is still controversial.

So when there is no law against something ya might expect folks to take advantage of their freedom and they do.

Naked woman bathes in Suzhou Creek

And it seems that when trade unions are banned workers find other ways of protesting.

A female migrant worker launched a nude protest outside a Shenyang funiture factory where she used to work, in Northeast China's Liaoning Province on Sunday, against her ex-employer over backwages of up to 8,000 yuan she says she was never paid. [Chinese Business Morning View]

And yet in the good old USA of A, the land of liberal free market democracy, opening a strip club is still controversial.

Manchester officials gearing up to fight nude club plan

But for Art's sake, common sense is shown by the good citizens of Lacrosse Wisc.

Wisconsin town unveils French statue of nude boy; forgoes fig leaf
City council members decided they would not cover the boy up after seeing the statue last week. They say it would be an insult to Epinal.

Maybe he looks like Jack Lalane

85-Year-Old Nude Dude Isn't Afraid to Bare All at School

Hopefully he doesn't look like this fearsome dictator.

Come on you can't take this guy seriously. Attack the U.S. Where would he get his airconditioning from.

Like Albania before it the State Capitalist regime of Kim-Jong-il is all about cardboard cut-out factory frontages, and a single sole military manufacturing state.

See the Great Leader wear no clothes

Of course there is no cure for ugliness.
Naked ambitions

And It appears that elsewhere in Asia body doubles are demanding their due.

A Chinese actress who played Hollywood movie star Zhang Ziyi's naked body double in "The Banquet" wants her name in the movie's credits, media reported Friday.

Birds of feather

Britney Spears was desperate to pose nude

And Harpers Bazaar was deseperate to have her on the cover.

Not to be undone by a mere stripling, Angelina Jolie goes one better and gets painted in the nude, while pregnant.

Angelina Poses Nude

An elderly man slipped quietly into Angelina Jolie's beach lodge — and within minutes she was sprawled naked in front of the 73-year-old.

Brad Pitt looked on with approval as the sandy-haired old-timer went to work. Acclaimed portrait artist Don Bachardy had flown all the way from Santa Monica to Namibia — determined to do justice to the world-class beauty as he drew erotic sketches of her in the final days of pregnancy.

"Angelina is big on documenting the high points of her life," explained a source close to the actress.

Bitter about Brad and Jolie maybe, just a teeny tiny bit....

Jennifer Aniston Enjoyed Filming Nude Scenes

While Sophia Loren makes a come back.

Italian sex symbol Sophia Loren, 71, will pose in a slinky see-through black dress for the glossy, limited-edition Pirelli calendar

She was always proud of her figure, in fact she got into a fight with Jayne Mansfield over who was bustier.

And not to be left out is the darling of geeky Star Wars fans.

Natalie Portman is to appear nude in an upcoming movie. She will play the part of artist's muse.

While Portman ponders her lolita like looks, when ya turn Forty its time to take it all off for yer career.

Cutting a Dash in Playboy The 40-year-old played a teenager in 1995 film Clueless, but has not had a major role in a successful film since then.

Even in Bollywood doing the nude scene gives lesser known stars their breakout chance.

Madhuri denied! Will Sridevi do the nude scene?

While Christina Aquilera flaunts her stuff. After all she is a singer, not a movie star.
Christina, 25, said: "Posing almost naked is a natural thing for me."

Silly people worrying about a Nude Juice Bar, vegetables and fruits don't wear clothes, not even Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. They weear shoes and hats.

Follow-Up: Nude Juice Bar Court Battle

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And furits and veggies are not the only plants to get naked.

Beautiful, fragrant frangipani goes naked in the wintertime

Well if they didn't they would have to cover up Bottecelli's Venus on a half shell.


Meanwhile in Flordia home of the thong the prudes lose out and Art wins. By the way we covered this story earlier, and no the painting was a picture of the backside of a naked large woman. And perhaps the city was offended by the large sized woman rather than her state of undress. Sizeism is a feminist issue.

Nude Artwork Case Settled

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And the nude in art has not just been women.

The naked and the dead
(Filed: 27/06/2006)

A gripping show at the National Gallery traces the development of the unflinching self-revelation that came to separate painters from society in the 19th century. By Richard Dorment

How then did it happen that only a generation or so later, in 1828, the young German painter Victor Emil Janssen chose to depict himself in a bare room and stripped to the waist? Why does Janssen, who was in fact tall and handsome, go out of his way to reveal the physical imperfections that his clothes presumably concealed from the world? For his hunched back, pot belly and caved-in chest were probably early symptoms of the bone disease that would kill him less than 20 years later.

In a single bound, we have leapt from Neoclassical restraint to Romantic self-revelation. From here is no great distance to a good wallow in Egon Schiele's expressionist self-portraits, painted in the first decade of the 20th century, in which the artist shows us not only his naked body but also his face and limbs contorted in anguish. How on earth did artists come to see themselves as outsiders, set apart from society by their vocation

And sometimes its all about intellectual property rights even in Asia where piracy abounds.

The transgender celebrity Harisu is angry after a pirated video clip showing her naked was posted online. The 14-minute video clip was posted on an online portal and a game website.
It was made in Thailand in 2002 to go with her nude photo album and made headlines as plenty of money was invested to use a W4 billion (US$1=W950) luxury villa and privately owned beach as the location. At the time, the album and clip were expected to generate more than W5 billion in sales and triggered a flood of nude photo albums for mobile phones.

Ah yes the bikini, which caused as much of a scandal as wearing nothing at all. Sixty years ago this week it made its preview.
Fashion shocker of '46: the naked belly button
But the bikini wasn't a hit until Sixties

So scandalous was the first modern-day bikini that the only female free-spirited enough to pose in one was a stripper. Parisian engineer-turned-designer Louis Reard released the suit at a fashion shoot on July 5, 1946. It was cut high on the hip, but the really stunning feature was that it bared the navel, a part of the body that in modern history had been off-limits for public display.

Posing nude for money tch tch some folks have no values.
There have been rumors circling that mens' magazine Playboy offered Ashlee Simpson a whopping $4 million to pose nude. But Ashlee has finally verified that she is turning down the offer out of respect for her body. So she is going to pose for Victoria Secret instead.

Even Paris Hilton has her limits.


And if this is not enough for those of you who are star struck here are some more folks who used nudity on their way to fame.

The Naked Pasts Of Your Favorite Emmy Nominees

But of course none of these starlet models has to put up with what the women who modeled for the Artist Modigliani did.

The naked realities of raunch culture
Modigliani's abused muses speak across the decades to women today seduced by the transient, destructive world of celebrity

What is it with guys showing off their shlongs in public? Anything to get work.


And it works internationally for little known male stars, show their stuff off in public and maybe get more acting roles.

Will Marco follow Alfred’s nude tracks?
Going back to Marco, he paraded his underwear on Friday at the Araneta Coliseum with other hunks and hotties in the “fashion show” Bench Fever. A full-page ad that appeared in a morning newspaper before the show had Marco wearing only Bench and nothing else.

I guess this gives new meaning to ball boy at Wimbledon.

Nude man runs into Sharapova!

Turns out it was ok for him to do that, since it was a stunt for a reality TV show.

However is this the return of the Streaker?

Streaking makes a comeback

Its not like she hasn't seen it before Owen.

Owen Wilson against mom watching him naked

And of course public nudity is not exactly what one thinks of when considering proposing marriage. It's a guy thing.

Michigan suitor offers the naked truth about love

But it gets downright embarcing when you do go nude to protest and no one cares.

Three Men Protest Brazil's Game Against Ghana In The Nude
"They only wanted to get attention, but they couldn't even get this as everyone was watching the match." The protestors say they disagree with how "the whole country stops to watch the football matches at the World Cup but meanwhile the enormous problems Brazil has in lack of education and health keep getting stronger."

Ah well that's the World Cup it has that affect on viewers. Apparently so does that other famous sport, the running of the bulls.

Bull runners to defy nude protests

Speaking of PETA they should simply change their name to People Who Want To Roam Nude. I think the headline is mistaken that should be warped not wrapped.


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And speaking of soccer this Cardiff fan does not have to run naked now.

Long wait for naked truth is almost over...

I'm often reminded by Cardiff City supporters - and especially staff at Ninian Park - that three years ago I pledged to run down Sloper Road naked if a new stadium was built.

What they all seemed to miss was the small print - I said WITHIN three years.

So although the City unveiled a hugely impressive and futuristic mock-up photo of their new arena at a breakfast press briefing yesterday, all but ensuring there will be no turning back now, I am declaring myself exempt from having to risk a charge of public indecency on the grounds it was outside my original time-scale.

And some folks just take their soccer/footaball fantasy pools way too far out.

The football fan's ultimate fantasy: Me, Pele and the naked Ray Stubbs...
Never mind the players, it has also been an unforgettable month for those covering the finals on television. The BBC's Adrian Chiles recalls history in the making, surreal moments in the sauna and finding himself unnervingly close to Big Phil's tactical tirades

It seems that those who are ticked off at the refereering during the World Cup have a solution.

Naked referees the best way to keep card count down

While some clever hackers have created a worm especially for the World Cup.

E-Mail Worm Promises Naked Soccer

E-Mail Worm Promises Naked Soccer July 5, 2006 8:49AM

Sixem-A is not the first Internet pest to exploit the general soccer euphoria. In May, the German Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology (BSI) in Bonn warned of e-mail messages claiming to be related to the World Cup but which in fact contained hidden Trojans.

While the leader of the Scottish Socialist Party had his fantasies fulfilled with a lass and a football player.

‘Naked Sheridan leered at woman’
Tommy Sheridan grinned and leered at an unsuspecting woman who found him having group sex with a prostitute and a footballer at a hotel, a Court of Session jury heard yesterday.
The court was told that the ex-leader of the Scottish Socialists was discovered in a room in a suite at the Moat House, Glasgow, in June 2002 by a woman who thought she had merely been invited to a private party.

Of course there are always two sides to the story.

SHERIDAN FIGHTBACK AGAINST Double SLEAZE ACCUSATIONS UNDER WAY Lawyer pours scorn on paper's allegations

She takes care of predators at the Zoo apparently she beds them too. Nude pictures shock cabin lover

Of course she was on a naked cruise.
Naked cruise passengers not unusual, inquest told

While in Zimbabwe they strip you of your dignity and rights. Apparently one party dictatorships are ok if they don't have weapons of mass destruction.

'My naked hell in Zim jail'
Two years spent stark naked with no blankets, never seeing the sky - this was part of political prisoner Kevin Woods's life of hell in Robert Mugabe's prisons. He was released last weekend.
Woods is a quietly-spoken, balding and bearded man who has just spent 19 of his 53-and-a-half years in Zimbabwe's Chikurubi and Harare Central prisons.

And drunk soliders in India humilate public passangers on a train. Seems this is not limited to Abu Ghareb or Americans.

Armymen force man to run naked in train

And using nudity for humilation, or rough justice, is typical of authoritarian patriarchical regimes.

Women stripped naked for stealing

Remember the fad for recovered memories back in the eighties, well thank goodness that too has passed.

Campfire lore kindles Naked Hobo
This is the story of the Naked Hobo, made even more interesting because no one was naked and the person in question was not a hobo.

Which is worse drunks fighting or drunks dancing, naked? Apparently the later.

Twain Harte Man Facing Charges After Dancing Naked

Of course now that we have passed the offical date of the Anti-Christ 6/6/6 we get more sightings of the Mark of The Beast.

RFID Exposed: The Naked Truth About the Future of Retail

Not Abbot and Costello but an Australian candidate for PM moves towards privatization
Costello 'in naked power grab'

Could this be a post Kerry flip flop reaction from Democrats in Hollywood, or is it the social acceptance of the foot fetish ?

Hollywood casual, right down to their trendy, naked toes
Suddenly, flip-flops — those slabs of rubber with V-shaped slivers between the toes — are ubiquitous in what were once dressed-up settings.

How about carving by touch.

CARVING a seven feet tall naked woman out of blocks of solid stone is no mean feat for any would-be sculptor. But when the carvers and chisellers are visually impaired people – two of them totally blind – the end result is nothing short of miraculous.

And speaking of nude sculpture here is one that will dominate the London landscape.

Naked sculptures to celebrate reopening of Festival Hall

A lifesize naked sculpture by Antony Gormley, creator of The Angel of the North, may be installed on the roof of the Palace of Westminster for three months as part of plans for the reopening of the Royal Festival Hall.

Not to be undone by the page three girl the Daily Mirror has the woman next door.

Maybe this guy is a doctor too.

So ask your self if a couple are naked in a boat why is it the cops only charged the woman?
Woman charged after police stop naked boaters

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