Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Working Class Hates Their Jobs

Remember this next time a neo-con ideologue of the professional self identified middle class denounces class war Lucien Bouchard questions work ethic in Quebec......this is the real face of class war in Canada;

The workplace blues

“Relatively high proportions of men and women who worked in sales or service, or processing or manufacturing or utilities were unhappy on the job. The same was true for men in administrative, financial or clerical jobs,” the report says. “By contract, comparatively low percentages of men and women in professional positions were dissatisfied. And among men in management, as well as those in farming, forestry, fishing or mining occupations, job dissatisfaction was particularly uncommon.

And speaking of class war in the US its called the War On The Middle Class and has created such unlikely allies as jinogist anit-migrant Lou Dobbs at CNN and the left wing Counterpunch.

That's because it about losing jobs, not the real oppression of capitalism which is jobs we hate because they demean and alienate us from our real creavtivity. Something the boss, the self employed and the middle class professional does NOT experience.

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Class War

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