Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Harpers Big Lie

Following in the footsteps of that other right wing government that promoted law and order, Harper embraces the politics of the Big Lie;

As the Conservatives set out to focus on crime this week in Parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a kickoff speech on Thursday arguing that crime rates are high by historic standards and there is now a trend to more serious crime.

But does the Prime Minister's message match the statistics?

Reported crime rates have generally fallen over the past 15 years.

"Even if Canada's crime rates are low by international standards, they are still very high by our own historical standards," Mr. Harper told an awards dinner for the York Regional Police Force.

While it's true that reported crime rates are far higher than when Mr. Harper, born in 1959, was a child, he didn't mention that they have been declining relatively steadily since 1992.

There was a dramatic increase in the 1960s and 1970s in most of the Western world, which may be partly ascribed to a younger population because of the baby boomers, but it has never been adequately explained, University of Toronto criminologist Anthony Doob said.

"They peaked in the early 1990s, and then drifted downward," he said.

That's especially true of the overall crime rate, which fell almost 25 per cent from 10,342 crime incidents per 100,000 people in 1991 to 7,761 in 2005, the last year reported by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics.

The rate of violent crime fell less dramatically, by 7.6 per cent, since 1992.

Of course this is just another in the Big Lies that the Harpocrites have foisted on the public since coming to power.

There is the torture of Afghan prisoners Big Lie

There is the Kyoto Big Lie

The Afghanistan War Big Lie

The Child Care Big Lie

The Waiting Times Big Lie

The Income Trust Big Lie

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