Thursday, June 28, 2007

R. Cobb

R.Cobb was a cartoonist for the LA Free Press in the sixties and seventies. He went on to do the design work on Alien. I always liked this cartoon. Ironic that it is as relevant today as it was back during the Viet Nam war era.

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leftdog said...

I actually think the cartoon is MORE applicable today under George Bush then it was in the Vietnam era under Nixon.

eugene plawiuk said...

And under Harper who inherited the Security State from Chretien and Martin.

Werner said...

I first saw this particular cartoon in a university paper in 1969. Everybody liked RC both for his subject matter and artistic quality . Seems like political cartoonists of that time put more effort into their work. Norris of the Vancouver Sun was another good example although he wasn't quite as forthright politically. Anyway the Cobb cartoon seemed like an exaggeration and a warning in those days. Looking at the situation in places like the UK it's more depressing than ever.