Friday, August 31, 2007

Birds Of A Feather; Strahl & Morton

Once again Federal Conservatives are in lock step with their Alberta Counterparts. Chuck Strahl, the new Minister of Indian Affairs, sounds like Ted Morton. And he should they share Tom Flanagan's right wing racist view of the need to eliminate the concept of First Nations through assimilation.

Strahl grilled about 1999 criticism of treaty rights

Ovide Mercredi, the Chief of Grand Rapids First Nation and a former national grand chief, asked the minister to clarify a statement he made in the House of Commons in 1999, when he said "the Nisga'a treaty creates a separate race-based nation in the heart of British Columbia."

Mr. Strahl also told the Windsor Star in 1999, on the subject of aboriginal fishing rights, that the government has an obligation to all its citizens, not just select groups and "cannot allow the courts to draw racial boundaries through Canada's national resources."


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