Thursday, November 01, 2007

Harper the Mad Dog

‘‘We will choose our time when we will decide to put this government down -- it will not be tomorrow,’’ Dion said to reporters.

Oops I think he meant 'bring down the government', unless he is ticked off about what they have done to poor Kyoto, his pet cause...Or maybe he actually meant it, perhaps he thinks the government is a Mad Dog....but then why let it suffer if that's the case.

Asks the Toronto Star Liberaltorial;

At what point does Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion take a stand and say: "No More! It is time to change this government"?

That's a question well worth asking after Dion and his Liberal MPs abstained yesterday from voting in the House of Commons on the minority Conservative government's tax-slashing mini-budget. And it is one worth considering in light of Dion's earlier willingness to give tacit approval to the Conservative throne speech and other measures, such as a get-tough-on-crime agenda and a weak environmental plan, while at the same time the Liberals insist they oppose much of what Prime Minister Stephen Harper proposes to do.

Is there a line across which Harper cannot go without the Liberals bringing down this government?

Nope apparently not.

The Liberals are a party in defeat and disintegration. Not even in the dark days of Trudeau as opposition leader or the days of exile under Chretien has the Natural Ruling Party been a house as badly divided as it is today. They smell defeat at every turn. They dread an election. And so they will prop up the Harper government and take their lumps.

Waiting, waiting, for an issue on which to take a stand. And what issue will that be they have retreated on Afghanistan, Kyoto, Childcare, Income Trusts. They have no principles left on which to take that valiant last stand. Each time the Harpocrites toss an issue out the Liberals will lead the charge of the light brigade.

And even if they did find 'the' issue to defeat the government, Dion will find himself alone then in the field of battle, as the party continues it's internal night of the long knives.

The Liberals have no platform, no agenda, no policies that the Harpocrites cannot steal and use against them and they have the cash to do it.

Finance watchers say it's likely Ottawa is sitting on more surplus cash than it's admitting and, if the economy stays hot, it will be able to offer more goodies, including a tax cut in a spring budget expected to set the stage for the next federal election.

TheLiberals elected a leader while failing to conclude Party Renewal leaving them to abandon the ship of state for the life boats. And now the various factions paddle in different directions.

Which of course is good for Jack Layton and the NDP who are now the Official Opposition.

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Liberals Favorite Tax Cut

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