Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Merry (Ukrainian) Christmas

Well it is actually Orthodox Christmas according to the old Julian calendar. But across Canada we know it as Ukrainian Christmas. And don't be confused today is Christmas. Last night was Christmas Eve, which is why we Ukrainians celebrated with a twelve course vegetarian meal. Today we celebrate with pepto bismal.

Yuriy Davydovo, a visitor from Ukraine and a guest of Portage la Prairie’s Achtemichuk family, lights a candle before a supper among family and friends that includes a 12-course meal that is a holiday tradition. The Achtemichuks hosted two families from Ukraine at their home in Portage and sang carols yesterday on the Ukrainian Christmas Eve, which falls on Jan. 6, according to the Julian calendar.



Merry Ukrainian Christmas

Yes Colby Cosh there is such a thing as Ukrainian Christmas




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