Monday, September 15, 2008

Elizabeth May Progressive au contraire

Contrary to the current political myth that Elizabeth May and her Green Party will take votes from the left, ie. the NDP in reality they are a right wing party, and will take votes from the Tories.

Tom Flanagan: Yes, the Greens are mainly a threat to the other parties of the left, especially the NDP. The Conservatives lost some supporters to the Greens at the time of the merger (2003), but that's ancient history now. Elizabeth May doesn't threaten Stephen Harper; she threatens Jack Layton and his attempt in this election to displace the Liberals as the Official Opposition.

May herself may want to focus on the environment, but her passion for putting her foot in her mouth will be challenged when she gets into the debates.

Like this little jewel which exposes her for being the good Catholic she really wants to be.....,

"I'm against abortion. I don't think a woman has a frivolous right to choose".

She has denied that she said 'frivolous' just like she has denied she has called Canadians 'stupid'.

The Youtube controversy was created by Blogging Tory founder Stephen Taylor, showing that the Conservatives are worried about the impact of May on their voters.

But backpeadling when your words are in print or on YouTube, further shows her lack of political maturity.

Now that she is in the leaders debate I frankily look forward to May sticking her foot in it again. And au contraire her impact will be greater on the Liberals and Conservatives more than it will hurt Jack Layton and the NDP.


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Skinny Dipper said...

The last I heard, the Greens get their votes from the NDP, Liberals, and Conservatives based on the ratio 2:2:1. The problem for the NDP is that when the Greens take votes away, the NDP loses votes from a pool of 15-20% of Canadian voters. From the Liberals and Conservatives, the Greens take away from a Canadian voting pool of 25-40%. Every NDP vote lost has a huge impact on the party.

The NDP can get some of those potential Green voters back by having Jack Layton attack Elizabeth May on her lack of knowledge outside environmental issues. What is her stance on different foreign policy issues? While May could fall apart, Layton will show voters that he is prime ministerial like in dealing with international issues.

If I could describe the Green Party, it is like Jews-for-Jesus who use Jewish terminology and rituals to practice the Christian religion according to Orhodox Jews. The Greens use environmental terminology to practice classic capitalism.

janfromthebruce said...

I think both May/Dion duo are catching the "bird flu."

So turning on this sick table

This election is shaping up to be the ballot question of: the boardroom table vs the kitchen tables.

And there is a lot more kitchen tables!

rww said...

The Greens should not take votes from the NDP because they are a right wing party. But unfortunately they take a lot of potential NDP votes from people who vote for the label without reading the ingredients list.