Thursday, November 20, 2008

Con Game

As I predicted here the Harpocrites have only one song sheet they sing from when it comes to the economy;the old neo-con tighten your belt.

Throne Speech warns of deficit
It pledged cost-control measures in Ottawa, including a squeeze on the budgets of many government departments and a law to limit the pay raises of civil servants.
"Hard decisions will be needed to keep federal spending under control and focused on the results," Ms. Jean read, following with the government's pledge to place grants and capital spending "under the microscope."
Mr. Layton argued that the Throne Speech adopted austerity measures and a laissez-faire approach, when intervention is needed. "I don't think you want to be taking ideas from the Mike Harris-era in Ontario and applying them to today's economic crisis," he said.

Blue Throne Speech
Pinocchio Conservatives
Deja Vu

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Werner said...

Bailing out the rich isn't helping the "real" economy (a term even some market gurus have been using lately). Since America must seen that "top down" pump priming doesn't work why not go all the way to a sensible solution? Put cash in the hands of those who will spend it at local shops and businesses. Isn't it time to bring in a guaranteed annual income or isn't that too obvious?


The obvious solution to this crisis is the socialization of capital under workers control, which then leads to the dissolution of capitalist realtions of production, and the elimination of the working class as a class and the expansion of humanity as its own social capital; communism.

Werner said...

This is true but you have to start somewhere. Putting more resources into the hands of ordinary people would help things along and overall the immediate costs would be manageable.