Monday, November 03, 2008

Vegetarians For McCain

In a deseperate bid for votes McCain in a sound bite I just heard on CBC said he is appealing to; "independents, libertarians and heck even vegetarians."

Someone should tell him that appeal to liberal vegetarians might not sit well with his VP.

Born Sarah Louise Heath in Sandpoint, Idaho, in February 1964, Palin was the third of four children. The family moved to Wasilla when she was a child. Her dad, Chuck, was a teacher and loved Alaska’s hunting and fishing lifestyle. Today Chuck’s pick-up truck has a bumper sticker reading “Vegetarian — Old Indian Word For Bad Hunter”.

Ironically it is the same sound bite he used back in 2000 when running against George W.

I hope to my Republican friends, and I believe to most Americans -- that we can reassemble a coalition, a coalition that reaches out across party lines, preserving our core with conservative Republican principles and yet attracting to our banner people who are independents, people who are Democrats, libertarians, vegetarians.''

The McCain campaign has gone green recyling old sound bites in the last hours before their defeat.

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