Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Canada's CEO's Full of Hot Air

Empower provinces, CEOs say taxing spending rather than earning by expanding RRSP contribution limits, lower taxes levied on investment income and create a tax prepaid savings plan which the Conservatives announced in the final days of the election. Once again taxing us to benefit the rich.

And they want to see our education system re-tooled like they have re-tooled and Toyotaized manufacturing.

Other recommendations include:

encouraging Ottawa and the provinces to take the lead in establishing benchmarks to measure performance of schools;

taking steps to attract more skilled immigrants;

setting up a Commercialization Partnership Board, led by business, to review and recommend programs for commercializing research;

offering more support, including scholarships, grants and loans, to students;

This is the education agenda of Canada's CEO's and not suprizingly it coincides with this report from Manpower Inc. The outsourcing temp worker exploiter.

Where's the talent?

Survey shows two-thirds of employers in Canada are struggling to find qualified job candidates

“These factors are combining to create a shortage in availability and in specific skills and competencies.”

Worldwide, employers having the most difficulty finding the right people to fill jobs are in Mexico, Canada and Japan. The talent shortage appears to be least problematic in India, Manpower said.

“Among the actions required to address these shortages in the coming years are enhanced links with schools, investment in training, re-skilling and up-skilling employees and flexible use of talent,” said Ms. Procher.

The global head of Manpower spoke of the need for appropriate job training.

“Anyone who is currently searching for a new job or a different career path should...set their sights on getting the education and training required to pursue one of these promising career paths,” said Jeffrey Joerres, chief executive of Manpower Inc.

Forget liberal arts post secondary education, everyone is out to create or gain skills. Job training. Paid for by you and I of course and not the corporations who demand it. There they go again wanting something for nothing. Tax Breaks for the rich and corporations, commercialization and private profit from post secondary education R & D, and the working class can pay for their own job training and their kids too.

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BBS said...

Unlike the liberal arts students who want their education for free and everything fully funded by the government so they can have a job.

eugene plawiuk said...

We never had Free Post Secondary Education in Canada. That was in Europe and it certainly didn't hurt their academic standings. Unlike the pay for yer edumakashun in the U.S.

As for skills training if ya want skills go to college, which is where 80% of university courses should be taught.