Friday, July 21, 2006

Media Bias

Media Matters Finds Conservative Bias on Sunday Interview Shows

In the US on both Network and Cable News shows. Say it ain't so!

Come on this ain't news. Just compare US coverage of the News compared to BBC World or CBC all American news talk shows are to the right. Heck compare Hard Talk on BBC to Hardball on MSNBC, on Hardtalk they crucified Rumsfeld, he actually was sweating, especially when Tim Sebastian asked him about his trip to Iraq to seal a deal with Saddam. On Hardball Chris Mattews likes to run the ad where he gets Rumsfeld to stumble on an a mundane light weight question.

While the world burns, floods, explodes in the US news is navel gazing stories about lost kids, car chases, etc.

When it comes to Sunday Talk and Politics News programing, well sheesh the only TV program that comes close to being capable being like BBC or CBC or heck even Question Period on CTV is the Daily Show. And it's on the comedy channel.

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1 comment:

Cliff said...

The sound of one washington insider hand clapping.