Friday, July 21, 2006

Wente Whines

A BCer in Toronto notes the slimy callousness of the Blogging Tories who are denouncing Lebanese Canadians who are seeking evacuation from the war zone as whiners.

In the MSM this same attitude was shown by Margret Wente token right wing housefrau columnist for the Globe and Mail.

In her column yesterday
World's best insurance policyLock (sorry its locked) she says basically immigrants to Canada who become Canadian citizens expect cradle to the grave protection by the Canadian goverment, even when abroad. Such ingrates she says to expect the Canadian liberal social democratic state to protect its citizens no matter the expense. She herself who is originally an American forcefully transplanted here by her parents. Such an ingrate.

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1 comment:

Larry Gambone said...

Shes a whiner all right. She wrote a book, or was it an article, on how Anti-American Canadians are, of course stupidly confusing opposition to US foerign policy and corporations with hostility to Americans. That a twit like Wente, or the loathsome David Frum, are columnists says a lot about the quality of the media these days.