Tuesday, August 01, 2006

All the Tories Touch Turns To Merde

Let me count the ways;

The new foreign policy make war not love:
Mideast, Afghanistan underpin Conservative slip in polls

Baby Bonus; clawed back by taxes

GST cut arrives with a whimper, not a bang

Border Security which really is not about security at all but the creation of a North American Economic Union.

The Great Wizard of Oz is running the PMO.

What looked good in the Spring, today in the heat of summer, with apt tornado and severe weather warning across Canada, suddenly reminds me of Oz.

Speaking of Softwood as an example.

Lumber deal in trouble, Emerson warns
Scrambling to salvage the controversial Canada-U.S. softwood truce, International Trade Minister David Emerson warned the agreement could end up "dead before arrival" unless support for the deal grows within this country's forest industry.

His blunt words came as the head of Canfor Corp., Canada's largest lumber producer, predicted the deal is doomed unless it can be amended to assuage critics.

Industry unrest has continued unabated since July 1, when Ottawa and Washington initialled the deal that the minority Conservative government has celebrated as one of its major achievements to date.

Mr. Emerson, who began a public-relations counteroffensive yesterday to sell the deal, said there's no point in bringing an agreement before Parliament this fall -- as the Tories had planned -- unless industry support firms up.

"I think it is fair to say that if we do not have sufficient buy-in from industry there really isn't an agreement to bring before Parliament," he said.

"And so the first bridge we have to cross is to get the agreement supported by the appropriate number of players in the industry. Otherwise you're dead before arrival."

And if softwood is in trouble, imagine what a success a dual marketing scheme with the U.S. for Wheat and Barley will be like. The Tories are intent on killing the Goose, the Canadian Wheat Board, for the Golden Egg.

What priorities are left for the fall, and will they mean the fall of the teeny tiny Tory Minority Government. One can only hope.

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Donald said...

This is all tolerable for the Tories. They can use somewhat unpopular positions on a few fronts such as Israel to energize their base and fundraise. They can then use that money to buy feel-good ads in Ontario and Quebec.

son of gaia said...

Yes. In my opinion, they were a lot more amusing In Opposition - particularly during the Doris leadership farce days. They aren't very funny In Government.