Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Party of Calgary

Why would the front running leadership candidate for CEO of Alberta; Jim Dinning be giving money to the Federal Liberals, and personally supporting then PM Paul Martin? Some would say its Alberta's wierd politics, but it is actually the politics as usual for the PC's, the Party of Calgary.

The Calgary boys represent the traditional Liberal base as recruited by Peter Lougheed. The unholy alliance of Progressive conservatives, Liberals and a rump of the Socreds was Lougheeds legacy, far before the same thing occured in B.C. under current Premier Gordon. That legacy left the Liberals adrift until the battle of the Mayors in the ninties, between Klein and Decore. Klein and the Calgary gang won. Klein won the race for leadership against Red Tory and Redmontonian and later Liberal Leader, Nancy Betkowski. Then he won the provincial election by stealing Decores thunder and debt and deficit hysteria.

Today the decisions made in government are not made in the Alberta Legislature, despite it celebrating 100 years of so called Legislative Democracy in Alberta, but in Kleins southern bunker and HQ in Calgary, they are made by cabinet edict.

Dinning is one of those classic Alberta Liberals, in parliamentary politics its not about principles its about winning and keeping power, regardless of political labels.

Either way you cut it, the PC's will lose votes no matter who replaces Klein and the party is finally doomed to a long intenecine internal battle between the Liberals and Progressives against the social and fiscal Conservatives.

Ah the joys of living in a One Party State, the Party is the People. And in the case of the PC's their internal politics represent all the tendencies in Calgary. Why? Because it is the economic centre of the province, it is the corporate giant where decisions are made.

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son of gaia said...

Despite everything, I'm going to miss having a Premier who is a smokin', drinkin', ordinary boob.