Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Right To Die

Because we donot have the right to die with dignity in Canada this happens. Man kills wife, then himself, at BC hospital Two lives for the price of one, the price we pay for the misplaced morality of the Right To Life movement.

Bloc MP ready to re-shine spotlight on right-to-die bill

Documents obtained by Sun Media through access to information show Justice Department officials have advised the government Canadian laws haven't kept up with the courts, which have found cases of "passive euthanasia" legally permissible in cases of physicians withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment or administering pain-relief medicine in doses large enough to hasten death.

Mike Storeshaw, director of communications for Justice Minister Vic Toews, said the government isn't immediately looking at changing existing laws. "Opening up the debate isn't a priority for the government," Storeshaw said.

Nope its going to take more murder suicides for the Harpocrites to get it. Of course this is also a big issue in the AIDS community; death with dignity. You know the folks the Harpocrite avoided earlier this month.

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