Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Corporate Welfare For Big 3 Auto

Once again, the McGuinty government and Buzz Hargrove are stepping up to the plate to fund outmoded automobile production with your hard earned cash. This week it is Ford last week it was GM. Saving jobs in the buggy whip industry as they say.

And guess who is the CAW's new found partner, notoriously anti-union outsourcing giant Magna International, Belinda Stroanchs daddies business. Guess being pals with Paul Martin last election got Buzz an in good with Belinda's daddy.

Where is the green program for a sustainable auto industry? Nowhere as long as these boys continue to hand cash out to failing American Auto Companies who have forgotten 'quality' is job #1`, and have no rational plan for their declining market share except to cut jobs willy nilly across North America.

In this case Quality being a consumer auto that is energy efficient, a hybrid. Another chance to green industry and develop an industrial ecology strategy for Ontario is blown.

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