Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tax Breaks For Some

Let's see the PM's son plays hockey so we have a tax break for sports.

Social Conservatives hate the Status of Women and so it's eliminated by the death of a thousand funding cuts.

They tax the Income Trusts but offer wealthy middle class retired couples income splitting, pandering for the Seniors vote.

Now the Conservative Government is offering a tax break for disabled children and their caregivers. Generosity, compasionate conservatism or opportunism? You decide....

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty expects the next budget will include a plan to allow parents of severely disabled children to set aside up to $200,000 tax-free for their care.

The report, which was written by a panel established by Mr. Flaherty and led by Toronto tax lawyer Jim Love, also calls on Ottawa to provide parents of children with severe disabilities with cash grants of at least $1,000 annually over 20 years, and to double those payments to low-income families.

When asked yesterday if he liked the dollar amounts included in the panel's report, Mr. Flaherty, the father of teen triplet sons, one of whom has a mental disability as a result of contracting encephalitis when a toddler, replied, "Yes, I do."

And he offered hope to parents of disabled children that they may not have to wait long to see the recommendations implemented.


Tax Cuts


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