Saturday, December 02, 2006

Status of Women offices to be closed

Here is the conservative definition of inefficiency; advocacy and lobbying for womens rights.

“What these offices don't necessarily provide is the help directly to women. There was a lot of lobbying groups, there was a lot of advocacy. Ms. Oda said. “I'm very surprised that the opposition would say, “Put money back into inefficiencies,” when you can find inefficiencies and streamline the operations.

Right and had the offices provided financial aid to women they would have been closed for being another liberal social welfare scheme. You can't win when the Tories have you in their ideological sites.

More jewels of wisdom from Ms. Oda.Minister in Charge of the Status of Women
Of course feminism is the reason that men are on top and women are on the bottom, well economically and socially speaking. Its not systemic sexism in society that's the problem its Liberals supporting womens organizations.

“We don't need to separate the men from the women in this country.... This government as a whole is responsible to develop policies and programs that address the needs of both men and women.”

Do the math.....

Ms. Oda said the closures will save on unnecessary rent and utility bills and she claimed that even with $5-million in cuts, there will be $700,000 more for women's programming.

Huh? Where did the other $4.3 million go? Oh, probably to Afghanistan to help liberate women there.

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Anonymous said...

Bring back the Status of Women! We should take away votes from men! Those dirty, smelly useless pigs shouldn't be allowed to vote and get in the way of feminism! It's time to send men off to camps!

eugene plawiuk said...

All animals are created equal just some animals are more equal than others.....
Animal Farm, George Orwell

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, it's ALL about hating men, taking away their votes and putting them in camps. That's it. You're obviously very well informed and I can tell you've done extensive reading and research into the SWC cuts. My, your mother must be proud of raising such a bright intellectual.