Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Ultimate Republican Team

This would be a chicken hawks ultimate fantasy dream team for the Republican entry in the 2008 Presidental race.

Tim Russert did not challenge Sen. John McCain's dubious claim that it is not "clear-cut" that the war is unpopular nationally because, if it were, Sen. Joe Lieberman "would not have been re-elected in the state of Connecticut."

Since both have experience being has beens in previous races.

John McCain, Republican, President

Joe Lieberman, Independent Yankee from Connecticut, Vice-President

McCain vehemently opposes the non-binding resolutions and the idea of putting a cap on the number of troops in Iraq.

The Arizona Republican got strong support in his use of the morale issue from his allies Sen. Joe Lieberman, independent Democrat from Connecticut and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

And, Lieberman asked, Senate passage of a resolution of disapproval of this new strategy in Iraq would give the enemy some encouragement?

“That’s correct,” replied Petraeus.

Lieberman said, “I want to make a plea to my colleagues” to not pass a resolution of disapproval of Bush’s troop surge. He urged them to consider Petraeus’s testimony about the effect on morale and to delay any move to pass a resolution of disapproval.


Richardson On The Ticket


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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call a man who spent 5 years being tortured by the Viet Cong in the Hanoi Hilton & who has 2 sons in the military a chicken hawk. You're better than this Eugene, don't become an intellectual retard like Buckdog or Mr. F*ck the Jews. You're better than that.

eugene plawiuk said...

I am afraid that McCain has abandoned principle for electability, shown by his caving in on the Bush administrations motion to allow the CIA to torture. That and his support for the war, he is stronger on this than the Chickenhawk in the White House. However the focus of my point was on the Democratic Chicken Hawk Lieberman.

And you have to admit they are the ulitmate warrior dream team for the right. Hoping even to win over Democratic and Indpendent hawks.

And until there is a draft in the U.S. then the ruling class will continue to be chicken hawks and the working class will continue to be sacrificed in their Imperial wars.