Friday, March 16, 2007

Anarchy and Science

This months Carnival of Anarchy

Science and the spirit of Anarchism

After a brief discussion in the comments section of the last posting here is the announcement. Our next Carnival will take place on this site around the weekend of March 23-25th, Friday night to Sunday. The subject for this roundtable will be science and the spirit of anarchism. This includes anything related to the bright light of inquiry, ie. software, electronics, climatology, biology, medicine, or what have you ... viewed from a more or less libertarian standpoint. As usual it would be helpful if members would spread the word about this event on their own blogs and websites. See you then.

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Matt Jenny said...


Since I couldn't find your e-mail address anywhere, I'm trying to contact you here.

Thank you for your invitation to the Carnival of Anarchy! Since you sent it to info at paxx tv, which is the e-mail address for a group blog of which I am the administrator (the site links to your blog and I guess that's how you found it), I'm not entierly sure if you actually wanted to invite me, but I will gladly contribute to the Carnival in the future. I'm not sure though if I will be able to contribute to the next one.

If the invitation wasn't meant to be for me, please let me know.

eugene plawiuk said...

Thanks Matt I noticed it was a collective blog I will email you a personal invite.

Matt Jenny said...

No that's okay, I already joined the Carnival.

Werner said...

Thanks for spreading the word. The announcement has been printed on MostlyWater, Technorati ( a few times ) and Canadian Blog Exchange and has been picked up by some aggregrators.