Friday, March 16, 2007

Jack Ain't Smiling

NDP launches ‘Leadership and Fairness’ campaign

And Jack ain't smiling in any of these TV ads. He gives the viewer the stiff upper lip. Serious stuff. Do I smell spring election in the air?

Jack Layton
on environmental leadership

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Jack Layton
on better health care

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Jack Layton
on the prosperity gap

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Timing is everything, and since the Liberals don't have TV ads, and are moving towards the Conservative position on issues, well this should help the NDP in the polls.

Meanwhile the Liberals hit the road with Dion No-Show, that is he makes a hit in the national media but not with the local folks where he visits.

Liberal leader Stephane Dion was on the offensive as he spoke to about 200 Liberal supporters in Vancouver Sunday night.

Meanwhile the Liberals having spent over a year reviewing policy in preparation for an election have come up with....nada, nothing, zip.

So we are left with Dion issuing press releases where he flip flops again, while whining that the Conservatives stole the Liberals platform.

Like their support for the Made In Alberta plan for environmental intensity targets.

In 2005, the former Liberal government proposed regulations that would require companies to reduce the "intensity" of their greenhouse gas emissions. Dion was environment minister at the time. But in recent weeks, several Liberals have hinted they are revising their plan.

There is again the perennial pre election talk about the need for a merger of the Left, but which left is that? There is no coherent left in the Liberals, many being more Red Tories like Brison and Stronach than social democrats.

As I said before the NDP needs to attack the Liberals on their weakness; their failures to develop a national day care program, their support for the war in Afghanistan, their support for increasing police powers against civil liberties, their failure to support anti-scab laws, their flip flop on the environment.

These are of course the same positions the Conservatives embrace. By defining themselves in opposition to the Conservative program, the NDP does something the Liberals cannot and will not do.

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Mudpuppy said...

My name is Leigh-Ann and I work for IFAW on their "Stop the Seal Hunt" campaign. I wanted to invite you to a conference call for bloggers, specifically about this campaign, but the email I sent to you bounced back to me. The call is on Wed., March 21st. If this interests you, could you please send me an email? I'm at LGEROW - at - IFAW - dot - org. Thanks so much!