Thursday, May 03, 2007

Activist Courts and Afghan Torture

The Americanization of Canadian politics continues.

First we have a General signing Foreign Affairs agreements on prisoner transfers.

Now a new policy is announced not by Foreign Affairs, nor the Minister of Defense, nor the Government but appears out of the blue in Federal Court. This gives new meaning to activist courts.

This must be the new agreement that the Defense Minister announced in an elevator last week.

A Federal Court of Canada hearing was abruptly adjourned Thursday mornin
g when it was told that Canada had struck a new detainee transfer agreement with the Afghan government.

Federal Court Judge Michael Kelen announced details of the agreement with Afghanistan Thursday during a case brought by human rights groups demanding the transfers be halted immediately.

He told the court this was a major development that took the urgency out of deciding whether to block future transfers.

It probably wouldnt have happened if this court hadnt been happening, he said of the agreement.



Heil Hillier, Maintiens le droit

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