Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Modern Tudors

Anglican church split over gays widens in Canada

Uh huh this is the Church of England, you know the Church formed by Henry the VIII ( and you know him from the wonderful CBC TV series the Tudors) in order to obtain a divorce so he could marry his mistress(es).

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You know the Church that sanctioned each of his marriages one after another eight times.

The Church that caused a schism in Catholic World of its day. Yep same church and now those who are the 'catholics', that is the conservatives, in the Anglican Church don't want to recognize gay marriage. They have opted out of the Canadian Church and are aligning with the African Bishops, you know those progressive folks in Africa that sanction attacks on women who dress provocatively and call gays; satanic sodomites.

'Breakaway' Anglican churches may continue services: judge
National Post -
A judge in Hamilton, Ont., has granted an interim order to two "breakaway" Anglican churches that will allow them to continue to hold services without having to share the facilities with members of the established church.
At core of Anglican conflict, a 1900-year-old tradition Toronto Star
Breakaway Anglicans make gain Globe and Mail
Anglicans in Canada, Uganda face splits

My, my how quickly they forget. Divorce was a sin unless sanctioned by the Pope and Henry created his church to get around that little problem. It was the Church that Modernized Europe in the 16th Century. Modernized. Hello.Chickens, home, roost.

Tutu to accept award from LGBT rights group

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