Saturday, March 01, 2008

Calgary Home of Conservatives Of All Ilks

Premier Ed Stelmach calls Calgary "Conservative Heartland ...

Sure is....

Thursday, 28 February 2008
On Tuesday, February 12, two prominent members of the Communist Party of Canada were the target of an attack by suspected Neo-Nazis in Calgary. A firebomb was thrown at the home of Jason Devine and Bonnie Collins. Luckily they and their four children escaped unharmed, but considerable damage was done to the home itself. The Molotov cocktail just missed the rear window of the home, but torched their patio and fence. Jason was a candidate for the Communist Party in 2006 and Bonnie is running in the current Alberta election. The two are known in Calgary as activists with Anti Racist Action.

White supremacists have been on the march in Alberta for the last several years. They have continually threatened and intimidated activists in Edmonton and Calgary. There have even been open Nazi rallies, on a very small scale, in the province.

A statement of the Central Executive of the Communist Party said, “On behalf of all members and supporters, the Central Executive Committee expresses our Party's full solidarity with the Devine/Collins family and with our comrades in Club Red in Calgary in the face of this violent assault. Such crude acts of intimidation will not silence our comrades in their important work to combat racism, fascism and imperialist war, to defend democratic rights and social justice, and to advance the struggle for socialism.”

We would like to echo these sentiments. Our own comrades have been subject to threats and intimidation by these same people. Fightback unreservedly condemns these cowardly acts and calls for working class unity against such attacks.

Neo-Nazis suspected in Calgary firebombs
United Press International - 22 Feb 2008
22 (UPI) -- Police in Calgary, Alberta, suspect white supremacists are behind two fire-bombings this month in the city, the Calgary Sun reported Friday. ...

Communists firebombed
StarPhoenix, Canada - 23 Feb 2008
CALGARY (CNS) -- Jason Devine and fiancee Bonnie Collins believe neo-Nazis were behind a firebomb attack on their house. Devine -- who was home with his ...

Calgary: White supremacists scuffle with anti-racism group

Calgary: Neo Nazis Protest Burqas at Voting Stations

After all prejudice and race hatred is a conservative value and the historical legacy of Calgary. Just ask Ted Morton.


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Cliff said...

It's also the home of the people who were victims of this attack and as you yourself have pointed out the birthplace of the CCF. I know you weren't trying to tar all Calgarians with the same brush Eugene - but it comes close to sounding like it...

Werner said...

Hi Eugene,

The problem is all of western Canada is pretty bad when it comes to assaults and murders. Regina was the murder capital of Canada for most of the last ten years. But when I go into Alberta unfortunately I see the beginnings of fascist ideas here and there. At some truck stops/restaurants I've seen cartoon pictures of "tough" guys with guns trying to look threatening. One place near Wainwright was pretty bad. In this province these jerks are the "backbone" (I use that term very loosely) of the Saskatchewan Party. I don't blame anyone for disliking the NDP but to vote for something a hundred times worse makes no sense. What part of "Weimar Republic" don't people understand? I had relatives who were in Germany in the second world war and all of this is getting pretty scary at times. Of course, things are being encouraged by the sickeningly useless media we've got out here. Crap like the Leader-Post or these open lines shows with neo-cons and other airheads in charge. Maybe that's why Canadians are so big on blogging.

eugene plawiuk said...

Cliff of course you are right and I have made that point many times. However times change and the swing to the right in Calgary was done in a big way in the nineties under Klein the NCC moved there, the Fraser Institute focused its anti-union drive from Calgary, the fascist Canadian League of Rights moved there, well you get the picture. Of course the real base for the right in Alberta remains further south in old Socred, WCC country but Stelmach Saying Lethbridge is the home of Conservatives would not really have the same impact. Lol.

eugene plawiuk said...

And I guess I should add that folks would be surprised there are commies, yes card carrying commies in Calgary.
heh heh. Showing all is not lost.