Thursday, February 24, 2011

Plawiuk Does Hitchens On Libya

It is not up to the United States or President Obama to respond to Libya's civil war, declared on the people of Libya by the Qaddafi ruling family. It is up to NATO as the European allied military force to enforce rule in the oil exporting country they most rely on. Europe by far gets more oil and gas from Libya than anyone else.But instead of being the force to counter Libya's dictator they shy away from their military political responsibility.

NATO Not Planning to Interfere in Libya

UN Security Council struggles over action in Libya

Former Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy has been cited by NATO Watch as one of the leading international voices urging NATO and the EU to take measures to guarantee peace, security, and human rights in Libya.

In an article entitled "Responsibility to Protect in Libya: Calls for Intervention Intensify", NATO Watch stresses that calls by civil society to halt mass atrocities in Libya, where the regime of dictator Muammar Gaddafi faces a popular uprising, have been on the rise.

And it can be done easily, blockading Tripoli and all major ports with NATO's Mediterranean Navy and as asked for by Libyan UN delegates, a no fly zone over Tripoli, stopping the air attacks on civilians. And lets not forget Tobruk in the East which would welcome international support to protect their free zone from Qaddafi's counterrevolution.

The region was quiet for the first few months of the war, until Fascist Italy declared war against France and Britain on June 10, 1940. It remained a major active theatre for two and a half years until the British Commonwealth Eighth Army crossed the border from Libya into Tunisia. In February 1943, command of the Eighth Army passed from the Middle East Command to the Allied Joint command for the Mediterranean, AFHQ. The Middle East Theatre remained quiet for the remainder of the war.

If gunboat diplomacy was ever needed it is today in Libya, if ever NATO was going to fulfill its self appointed mandate of being Europe's enforcer, then it must respond to this historic moment and fulfill its historical reasone detre, to be an armed force for imperialist goals and objectives. And last time I checked at least one of those reasons was to promote and protect democratic movements.

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