Saturday, February 26, 2011

SNC Lavilin Building Prison In Libya

The Harpocrites failure to rescue Canadians from Libya, follows on their failure to rescue Canadians in Egypt.

My husband and I were two of the many Canadians left behind at Cairo airport that evening when the Canadian evacuation flight left half full. The airport was in chaos, the conditions rapidly unsanitary and embassy staff next to impossible to find. Had staff at the Canadian embassy answered the phone, or at the least put on a voice mail message directing Canadians to the correct terminal, much of the chaos could have been avoided and the plane to Frankfurt would have left full.

However, during business hours, the voice mail message said the embassy was closed (it was not, as we learned later; some Canadians had managed to get to the embassy through Tahrir Square that day) and the only voice mail message said: “for an update on avian flu, press 8.” Avian flu? What about an update on how to access Canada’s voluntary evacuation flight? How difficult could that have been?

Incorrect information was given to our tour company with the result that while we were in terminal 4 with no information and no embassy staff and no way to contact them, the plane was leaving from terminal.

The Harpocrite government has so emasculated our Foreign Affairs department that when emergencies arise abroad we are beholden to others to rescue our own people.

Now it is revealed that Harper's reluctant sanction speech on Friday night may have more to do with SNC Lavalin, headquartered in Montreal, than with principles. In fact SNC Lavalin is building a prison in Libya, a prison which the dictator would have used to continue to illegally detain his opposition and torture them, but heck we only build it, we don't care how its used.

One Canadian engineering company confirmed Friday it was forced to halt work on a new prison in Libya and evacuate its workers after the security situation collapsed.

Montreal-based international engineer SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. reported it had begun work on a $275million jail in Tripoli under a contract with the Gadhafi government.

The prison contract was not publicly announced, though it is mentioned in the company's coming annual report, said Leslie Quinton, vice-president of corporate communications. It is one of thousands of projects the company is working on, she added.

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Another reason for the Harpocrites reluctance to sanction Libya, would be that of course this prison like the prisons they propose is a P3, private public partnership. And guess who will be building the new prisons the Harpocrites will need once their tough on crime bills pass...why can you say SNC Lavalin.

After all SNC Lavalin is the also the contractor responsible for maintaining government buildings in Ottawa, while also supplying our troops in Afghanistan and American troops in Iraq with weapons systems.

Canada's SNC-Lavalin company that was at the centre of a headline-grabbing bribery scandal in Kerala is now under scanner at home for allegedly overcharging in government building maintenance. Canadian Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose Thursday ordered an independent auditor to review a building maintenance contract given to SNC-Lavalin after allegations that the company charged $1,000 to install just a doorbell and $2,000 to buy two plants. The Montreal-based company has a $6-billion, multi-year contract to manage 320 Canadian government buildings.

The firm manages a number of major buildings in Quebec and Ontario, including the CBC broadcast centre in Toronto and Complexe Guy- Favreau, a sprawling federal government building in Montreal.

ProFac, a division of Montrealbased SNC-Lavalin, also maintains several provincial government buildings in Alberta and Ontario and helped to build Camp Julien, a Canadian military base in Afghanistan.

KANDAHAR, January 11, 2009 — Today, the Honourable Beverley J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, launched the next phase of Canada’s Dahla Dam Signature Project in Afghanistan. She met in Kandahar’s Arghandab Valley with the Governor of Kandahar, Tooryalai Wesa, and representatives of the SNC-Lavalin/Hydrosult joint venture, the firm selected to lead repair efforts to Dahla Dam.

It is a Quebec company, a province that the Harpocrites need to get votes from. And it is a private monopoly engineering management firm that benefits from preferential government support. If the government sells off Atomic Energy Canada, SNC Lavalin could be a contender.

In other words a private corporation that benefits from public funding for private profit, while imposing its own management over public access to public buildings we pay for.....

Locked doors at the Yukon’s federal building signal it is now under the management of a Quebec-based multinational.

“I tried to get in the back door yesterday, but it was locked,” said a longtime employee on Thursday.

SNC-Lavalin ProFac was awarded the property management contract for the Elijah Smith Building on August 1st.

The corporate construction giant has offices in 30 countries and is working in 100 different countries around the world.

In 2004, SNC-Lavalin was given a $1.5-billion property management contract to maintain 319 federal buildings across Canada.

Its recent property management contract for the Elijah Smith Building is not part of that deal.

SNC-Lavalin is taking over a lot of federal buildings across the country, said Elijah Smith commissionaire Michael Roy, when asked about the recent changes.

SNC-Lavalin’s decision to lock the back door was made “to control access,” he said.

The multinational is also planning to shut down the public bathrooms and take out the public phone, said Roy, confirming reports the News received from other disgruntled employees.

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