Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Gaza bombings / killings caused you pain.. Because they are Muslim? Yet the killing of Christians, Alevites, Ezidis, Kurds in Iraq in Syria is okay because its Muslims killing / murdering /beheading / raping? ISIS does not represent Islam (I agree!) yet your silence / turning a blind eye, cherry picking which barbaric acts to raise awareness in respect of - is rather telling and extremely worrying!
UK: you were instrumental in the division of Kurdistan, the statelessness, thereafter the oppression & genocide of the Kurds- the largest ethnic minority. You came to our rescue a decade after Sadam chemically bombed us for our oil- if we find vast oil resources in Syria: would you help Kurds fight against ISIS?
TURKEY: for centuries you tried to assimilate us into Turkishness, you said Kurds never existed; that we were all one and same; brothers & sisters? You imprisoned tortured killed us for speaking our own language.. You facilitated arming ISIS, terrorist recruits entered freely into Syria via your borders.. Your hospitals treat the wounded ISIS thugs.. Now you have tanks 'watching' to ensure the safety of your country.. You ask for UN support if ISIS becomes a problem for YOU.. Because if Kurds are killed off; its one less problem?
TURKISH CITIZENS: a park in Taksim / Istanbul caused countrywide outrage last year.. A tree is worth protesting? But not a kurd.. A human?? S/he is not even worth a mention?

The hypocrisy is chilling.. KOBANE IS NOT ALONE!! Unite against ISIS! 'Where there is no reaction 

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