Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Polls from Hel

The latest Strategic Counsel Poll for CTV/Globe and Mail cooresponds with the Ekos and Decima polls of last couple of weeks showing a majority in favour of the Liberals. Which is why the PM was all hyped at the defeat of his government yesterday. And it's all the more reason to vote NDP.

This is going to be a Hel of an election campaign ....Hel is the Goddess of the frozen wasteland of the dead in Norse mythology.
Icy poll called as Libs licked

  • 35 per cent would support Paul Martin's Liberals (no change)
  • 29 per cent would vote for Stephen Harper's Conservatives (-1)
  • 17 per cent would vote for the NDP (-1)
  • 14 per cent would vote for the Bloc Quebecois (+1)
  • 5 per cent would vote for the Green Party (-3)
  • 38.7 Liberals
  • 29.4 Conservatives
  • 16.9 NDP
  • 10.6 Bloc Quebecois
  • 3.9 Green
  • 33 Liberals
  • 26 Conservatives
  • 22 NDP
  • 13 BQ

1 comment:

Robert McClelland said...

Cons 26, NDP 22. I bet the right whingers really hate Decima right now.