Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ruling Class Gossip

Hey this is even better than As The World Turns. Belinda who? MacKay seen with new heiress -Sophie Desmarais: Mila Mulroney played matchmaker a month ago

To rule in Canada is to be connected to the Desmarais Power Corporation of Quebec. Whether through the back rooms, friendship, old party ties or by family.

And it isn't called the Power Corp for nothing, it is the largest private capital fianancial corporation in Canada.
And Desmarais sits with the Bush cabal on the Carlyle Group.

Paul Desmarais is not only one of Canada's richest men he is a maker of Prime Ministers. He made his employee Paul Martin what he is today. His son Andre is married to Chretiens daughter; France.

Unfortunatley for Peter those political ties are once again the the Liberal party. Whats with this boy? It gives new meaning to being a 'social' liberal and fiscal conservative. Thats two for one on his dating card.

No wonder the Harper doesn't trust him...his taste in women is for Liberals who Dominate....hmmm......

A tip o the blog to Grandinite for this...I orginally saw it on the gossip page at Bourque;
"Nice", she wonders, "imagine Christmas around the giant Desmarais Christmas tree, all decorated with trinkets from Tiffany's, and all those packages under it from Holt's, Harry Winston, Hermes, Chanel, and Harrod's. Peter and Andre and Paul and Sophie and ...""And Jean Chretien's daughter France", he adds.

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